Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where to Live, check; Visa,check; Airplane Ticket, check (finally!!)

Getting a place to stay was such a relieve, but I still have so many things to do before I am ready.

After waiting for two weeks to know if I had gotten my french Student Visa, I finally got it!!!!! It was super happy to have it in my hands!!! It wasn't really hard to get, but the process is so much more relaxed than what I am used to. The lady who interviewed me actually gave me back some papers saying I was providing too much information (that was a first!). The only thing that really had me anxious is that after the interview they don't tell you if you are approved for the Visa or not.They tell you to go online to check for it to say that it has been processed and you can go back to pick up your passport (still no aproved or reject answer there), it is until you get your passport back wether you know if you got it or not. Thank God I did get it, one less thing to worry about.

Things still look a little surreal to me. Is like my brain knows is going to happen, but hasn't actually processed that information, and even less that is coming so fast. One good example is that it is less than a month before I leave, and I still hadn't bought my ticket. Two day ago, I finally realized that I really needed to buy it, other wise it would be really expensive, and I would stat to get my limited in options.

I finally have a leaving day!!!. I leave Aug 5th, and I will be getting to Paris the morning of August 6th!!!! I am sooo excited, nervous, scared, happy, so many feelings at the same time, and yet, I haven't fully processed the whole thing. I mean I know all the things that have to get done, and I do them but I am still to process it all.
I think part of it is,that I haven't quit my job. Some people know I am leaving but nothing official, lets hope that once I quit, it doesn't come and hit me all at once, cause that won't be a pretty picture of me going all insane (more than my usual self I mean, hahaha).

I will keep you posted as things really start to wrap up this final weeks before I leave.
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