Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everyone is so good!!

I found that this time around, the competition in the group is so much tougher. For basic pastry, there is a lot of unexpirienced people like me, but that he have done our share of baking at home, as well as experienced people, and people that do not have a clue of what is going on in the kitchen. Now in intermediate, we all have passed basic, so there is a fair share of practice and improvement already done, so in the practicals, most of the cakes are very good looking, and is hard to point out who the best one is, since everyone does pretty good now.
I like this since it raises the bar significantly, and you really pushes everyone to do their best, since you don't want to fall behind. It will be interesting to see how we come along.
For this time demonstration we had Chef D, which is just the second time I have him in a demo, since I have been in school. He is very sharp, but very demanding as well. He is one of the very strict chefs we have, and he demanded absolute silence, which is nice except for the tense feeling we had. I guess is just a matter of getting used to it.
He did just one type of cake, which is the one we will be doing in practical: Jamaïque / Jamaica. The only thing I like when Chefs just do one type of cake, is that we get to see different ways of decorating, or presenting the sme cake, and helps us see the range of oportunity we have to be creative.

Eventhough this was a very straightforward demo, not much joking around, since Chef D worked too quick as he mentioned, we had some time to ask about "Stages" or internships since he is the one in charge of them. The result, I am more confused about what I would like to do, and that I definitivelly have to get French language inside my head ASAP!! Anyway, here are the ckes the Chef made.

The cake itself is a chocolate - almond joconde biscuit filled with a coconut mousse, poached pineapples, and an upper layer of mango - passion fruit mousse. It sounds and looks too sweet, but when you try it is not overly sweet, it has this just right balance of sweetness. And the flavors just work together sooo good.

This cake was fun to make in practical, I like whan we take ' different things, and then we just put everything together to make this nice cakes. The mold of my cake didn't want to let go of my cake, and had a little trouble there, but other than that it went great. And I even did, the cocoa powder decoration the chef did, wich looked kind of tricky, which made me really happy.

My glazing came out a bit more yellow that the one the chef did, but otherwise all good, so next time I guess less yellow.

Ohh, and by the way I burned myself again!!! At least now it was my left hand and not the reight one. Oh well, the hazards of being a pastry student.

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