Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love Baking!!

You probably figured out that long time ago, but I really wanted to emphasize it, since I am loving so much school. The cakes we are making so far in Intermediate are such a fun thing in class as well as to eat. 
This time we made a fraisier, which I knew I was going to like since before I made it since I really like strawberry-cream cakes.
This is France version of a strawberry and cream cake. I like the version of the States, just as the ones they have in Mexico. For the fraisier, the flavor is not really radical, but what really makes the difference in this cake, is the way it is presented. This type of cake is something so common both in Mexico and in the States, that it almost doesn't feel special anymore. I like how this cake brings it back, with a new and renovated look into my eyes.
For demo we had Chef J, the demo was a bit slow since he was only doing one cake, and we are already used to have two or more different recipes in demo, but it was interesting to see the different ways in which we can make these cakes.

The chef made a couple of cakes using a round mold, just like the ones we are to make in demo, and he free styled another one in a rectangular shape. I like some aspects of it, but not so much others. I like the more structured, cakes, more than just randomly putting the things in the inside, but I do like the way he made the edge for the cake, it does take skill to accomplish it. I also liked the really simple decoration of the cakes, since as the Chef said is not a fruit salad is a cake, hahahaha. This chefs have a thing to turn healthier food options into negative things, hahaha.

I anticipated I was going to like the cake, and I did! This cake is sooo good, the cream is sweet enough together with the cakes that it compensated for the acidity in the strawberries. Really good!!

In practical, I really enjoyed making this cake, it was really fun, and enjoyable. Nothing to hard, but just enough things to be made, so that we could improve our speed, and organization.

This cake is sooo good, I had a really hard time giving it away this time because I wanted to eat it all!! But it had to be done, since I cannot afford the extra calorie consumption. 

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