Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Feel So Rusty!!

When I got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu I realized I haven't really been doing any cooking or baking recently. I also started thinking that in cooking as in many other things, one of the clues to do good, is to do it often, in other words, PRACTICE.

Since where I am living right now doesn't have an oven, I can only bake when I go home, so every time I go home and bake or cook I feel kind of rusty. I take too long just to get everything ready, plus then whatever it takes for me to actually do it. Over the past months I  have tried to practice, but I must confess I haven't done it every time I go home, but I guess I am way better than when I started.

This past time when I went to get my Visa, my boyfriend asked me if I could bake him a carrot cake, since he had been craving it latelly.

Sunday evening, I got my grandma's (very, very, very) old recipe book, and used her family famous recipe for carrot cake. When I was little I used to think this cake was on the difficult side of baking, which was one of the reasons I hadn't really attempted to bake it before. But, after baking it last week, I realize is no that hard to make, is actually kind of easy.

I even managed to decorate it which hasn't been done in my family with this cake. I am so glad, I still remember the basics from my cake decorating classes. I can gladly said, that was some very well spent money, hahaha.

Here are some pictures of how the final cake looked.

Everyone gave me good reviews, about it, so I guess this cake is a keeper, but I still need more practice before I go.

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