Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time is Running Out

Well, I have been all over the place, trying to wrap all things up, so I can leave to Paris.

Last week I went to the French Embassy in Mexico City to get my Visa. I was very worried since I was running late, and as usual in Mexico City, I was stuck in traffic. A distance that normally would take less than 5 minutes took like 20 minutes. I didn't even wait for my mom to drop me in front of the building, when we were at the corner, I just stepped out of the car and ran that 1 block to my appointment. To my surprise, they were not strict at all. Before I went in they even warned me that I needed the exact change to pay, and they let me go get it. Once inside, I was waiting for my turn, and notice they were letting people go in and out to get forgotten copies, get money to complete the payment, etc. When my turn came up, they gave me back some papers, since I had so many. That was a first for me, hahaha I am so used to having to over justify with extra information, (the more papers I usually take the better), that it felt awkward when they gave me papers back. I can't say yet I got my Visa, since they don't tell you if you got it or not. You have to be checking online for the status to say processed, which means you can go pick up your passport, and is not until I get the passport and see it that I'll know if I got it or not, so lets still keep those fingers crossed.

I still haven't bought my plane tickets (I know is late, but I don't know why I just keep putting it off), I keep saying to myself everyday "Oh, I really need to buy my ticket today", but I never actually do it.

Work is just there, I am just waiting the few weeks I have left for me to quit. Every day it passes is harder to fake I care, and that it matters to me.

I keep thinking I still have time, I think I still haven't fully realized that I am doing this, and that it is almost time for me to go.

I will keep you all updated.

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