Monday, June 6, 2011

I have a place to SLEEP!!

These past days, have been full of email messaging, trying to find housing in Paris, and let me tell you is nooot easy, but I found a place!!!! I won't have to sleep, on a bench in a park, or under a tree, hahaha.

Internet is full of scams, and after being a victim myself, I won't go into detail since I am still in a bit of denial (it wasn't that much money, but still money doesn't grow on trees). Let me just warn everyone out there, if they say they are away somewhere (specially London) without being able to show the place (ask this even if you cannot see  it just to check), and the person very persistent to get the money soon, RUUUN AWAYY before is too late, is a scam.

After ths incident I contacted Le Cordon Bleu, and they were so nice to provide me with a list of trusty landlords, that lease apts, studios, and rooms. Needless to say I emailed every single person on that list even if it said their place was occupied (no harm in making sure ;P)

I really wanted to get my own place, even if it was a small studio, but Paris is sooo expensive!!!! It was very hard, but I finally realice, that if I wanted to have a descent place to sleep in, close to the school, and pay less than 600 euros per month, I was going to have to drop that idea, and agree to just look for a room to rent with someone with a bigger apt.

Once I came to terms with that, I just responded the emails about rooms, made some more questions about the place and ask for pictures. One I got tall this information, I picked the one I liked best, and finally I got a room!!!! It is in the 15th which is the same district Le Cordon Bleu is (one of the best in Paris), is walking distance to the school (like 15 minutes), I get to have an oven in the kitchen (very important to practice before tests), and best of all I can afford it, and is really nice!!!!!

God, has been really good to me, through out this whole process. When I begin to stress and to think that this is to hard, or I start to freak out, I just realice I am not alone,and I put my trust back in Him, and He gets things done. He is always watching for us. I found this picture form one of my friends, and things really are like that (specially after I got scam). It reads " I didn't fail you... I have something better for you... from:God", isn't He amazing!!!!

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