Friday, May 20, 2011

And This is How the Dream Begins

I am done, done with being in a job that I don't really care for, and just going with the flow, instead of enjoying life.

Last August as I was planning and browsing the web for possible tours to go on vacation, I stumbled on the Le Cordon Bleu website offering 1 or 2 day classes for visitors. I thought wouldn't it be nice to go to one of those in one of the free days in Paris that tours usually give so people can just go around wherever they want. So I kept clicking until I found myself looking at all the offered classes and programs, and thinking how I would have loved to attend there and be a chef, thinking how since I was a girl how I had only fantasized about attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Then I said to myself again there is no harm in checking the Diploma Programs, how long they took, how much they were, and me realizing I did actually already had the money to take the Diplome de Patisserie. Out of nowhere came the idea into my head that hasn't left since, "What if I just go? What if I leave what I do now, for what I always wanted to do?"

I called my mom expecting her to talk me back into my senses, and waiting for her to tell me it was all a crazy idea and to just do the one day thing. I was beyond believe when I heard my mom tell how awesome it would be,to just do it, to not worry about spending my money, or anything since this experience was going to be forever with me, and money always comes and goes.

Once I heard that I was set, I was fully decided to do it,to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for the Diplome de Patisserie!!!!

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  1. You're absolutely right about $ - it comes and goes. $ doesn't define us but sadly, many allow $ to rule their lives. Some people need to have material stuffs and $ to feel secure in life. We all need $, for sure, but it shouldn't be the idol in our lives. If you truly enjoy and love what you do, the $ will come - eventually. You will do just great, Claudia.


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