Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Official!!!!

Just the idea of doing this had me already too excited, I downloaded, the application, and startedto see all I would had to do. First thing first fill out the application, and send it along with a 1500 euro non-refundable application fee. The day I sent the money I was so nervous, thinking what if they say no, what if I just loose that money??? And then just thinking I am just going to pray, pray for this to be the sign if it was ok forme to go. If I wasn't accepted, it was because God had something better for me, and I was not ging to go, but if it came back that I was accepted, it was going to be God telling it was ok for me to do this, and that he would be with me all the way.

Sometime later I got one of the best emails I have ever gotten, I am accepted!!!!! It's official now, I am going to Paris!!!!!!

I was so beyond believe, I called my mom and told all my friends about y plans, about a year from that day I was going to be in Paris!!

Now to get everything ready!!!!!

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