Monday, May 23, 2011

I am seriously going into Panic!!!!

Through out this months I have emailed people and ask a few questions about Paris.

I decided that even though I have been fairly consisitent in trying to get my french back, the compter programs I have been using are not enough. So I decided that I will leave amonth before the LCB (Le Cordon Bleu) classes begin andI will be using this month to take french classes, and get myself familiar with french, the new city, new surroundings, and pretty much my usual freaking out. By now, all of you who know me know that in my first weeks there will be stress, crying, depression, and pretty much just get used to being away frommy family which I got used to having just a few hours away. Anyway the reason I want to do is is so that way, by the time I start classes all this is gone and all I have to do is focus myself on school.

So now I find myself almost 10 weeks before I go, with no place to stay, no idea on what kind of a job I might be able to find, and most importantly if I am going to be able to find a rommate to share housing costs over there.

I had though I wanted to get the package deal of french classes and hosuing for a month, and that way I could have amonth to llok for an apt there, and possibly a roommate at the same time. But I would have to almost double my housing budget fr that month, and is a loot ofmoney, considering I will be quiting my job and have no real income while there, so pretty much I have to make every penny count.

About two days ago I went online and found some pretty good deals on some apts in Paris, and have been trying to get the most for my money. There are a couple of real nice places, but is really hard to come to a deal since most people want money to secure the apartment, but how can I send money without being able to check the place in person. Is not like they can wait for me until I get and see if I really want it, since is like 2 months form now. What if I send the money and is a scam and I get and the apt looks nothing like the pictures!! If there even is an apt, what if someone already lives there,and they just sent me some random keys with no apt to go to!!!
I am praying to God everyday, to help me,and guide me so that whatever apt I find I can secure it in the safest way, and prevent a scam!!!

To top it off, I still have no rommate, so don't really know if I will have someone to share all my expenses with.

I am totally freaking out by know,since I have to figure out if I will be able to get an apt, and just take the french classes, or will I have to take the classesand their housing option. I need to decide this before I go to the Embassy since I have to say what is my projected arrival date, and since I do not know thisI don't have my plane ticket either.

I have no idea what am I going to do, and how am I going to be able to have everything ready. Time is running out fast, and to top it off, I still have to worry in how and when to quit my job.

I will let you guys know how things go, I am really hoping things fall into place as everything else had. I am trusting God will make it run smooth at the end.

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