Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crossing off items of the List

I waited about 3 to 4 months after I received the accepting email, pretty much talking to everyone about my plans, but not really doing anything. I kept thinking I still have time.

Everyone I had told about this has been incredibly supportive, everyone is excited for me, and have been great about giving me information,or telling me about people they know in Paris that might be able to help me.

Getting a Visa to go to Paris, can be a bit of a long process. Good thing I started on time. Not only one has to go to the Embassy, but before that can be done, one has to go thru CampusFrance; which is like the official agency for anyone who wants to go study to France, and they have to approve and, and verify everything is legit before they give you the go to and get your appointment at the embassy.

Thank goodness by now I am all done with that process that took me a good 1 to 2 moths with out rushing myself, and getting the hang of things, and I am just n the last step,which is to get the appointment for the embassy.

Now the real nerve racking thing where am I going to live, can I afford it, is there a way I get  a roommate, a job??? So many things to worry about, and to top it off all my french from High School some how has disappeared!! I don't know where it went how am I going to do all this!!!

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