Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Though I Knew How to put Frosting on a Cake!

I was pretty confident I knew how to put frosting on a cake after my cake decoration classes, and then after the ones I made at home, until we had to make "Mocha" cake at school.
To begin with, to me this cake should be called Coffee or something like that, since as far as I know Mocha is a combination of Chocolate and Coffee, and there was not chocolate what so ever in the making of this cake.
We got to class and the chef made these five amazing cakes, and made it look so easy, I was feeling pretty good about myself since it was not new to me, maybe he had a different technique, but nothing that I couldn't do (or so I thought).

So he not only covered the 5 cakes, he managed to showed us different ways to decorate them.

This cake is very good, I think is one of my favorites of what we have done so far, the bread is imbibed with coffee syrup, but is not sweet at all, is just right, very moisture and the flavor is soooo good.

So here I go, all happy to my practical, I work pretty good, until the time came to put the icing in the cake, and Ohhh Gohs, is nothing like I remembered!!! It was HORRIBLE!!!
To begin with the texture of the icing which was a butter cream, was so much softer that what I normally use. Then after we did the crumble layer I usually put my cakes in the fridge or the freezer for a little bit to firm up the first layer, so it's easier to do the second layer, but here we couldn't do that. To top that off, my top layer shrank a bit while cooling down, so it was very hard to get a straight 90 degree angle at the top and make it nice and even.

Then my top, I could not get it to be smooth, no matter what I did, I was sooo frustrated, is like I had forgotten everything I know!!!

The only thing that made me feel better was that everyone else couldn't do it either, hahahaha. The chef had to help us all in the final coating. The decorating part was not bad, but I got so mad because the chef said decorate however you want to, so I did, but when grading time came he gave me a lower score because he said my decoration wasn't difficult enough. I mean if you give freedom to decorate you cannot grade difficulty or not. I was so mad, because is not like I couldn't do the other decoration or I did it bad. I was so frustrated and felt so upset at myself for listening and changing the decoration. I should've just done the chef told us to do, but Oh well, nothing can be changed, so I had to get over it.

Besides that I do have to practice a bit more my writing in cakes since I did write moka on it, but I didn't do the M the right way and it looked like it said Mooka. That aside my cake tasted really good, this cake definitively is a keeper!!

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