Sunday, October 23, 2011

Le Brioche

Making the brioche dough was intense!!! I have always looked at people in TV making brioche, and bread in general and always wanted to give it a try myself but was scared to do it, without anyone teaching me how. Here I finally had the opportunity to do it. I definitively won't do it by hand even again, but I loved the experience.
We have the dough, but what to do with it, well I know know a lot of things I can do with brioche. We had the demo, and the chef showed us, many options of things we can do with it, and gave us lots of interesting ideas, and suggestions of things we can do with them. I just love this lectures where the chefs go beyond the recipes they are to teach us. Makes the class much more interesting, and of course makes the chef look really impressive.

Here is all the chef did at the Brioche demo:

Suisse Brioche

Pain aux Raisins

Brioche Mousseline

Braided Brioche

Grosse Brioche

Brioche Moule

Brioche Nantes

Grosse Brioche individual pieces

Again my favorite part of class "la degustation", this breqd was so good, just warm out of the oven, the only thing missing was a coffe or hot chocolate to go with it.

Next day we had our practical, which  was very excited to see how my bread was to come out like being that I made the dough all by hand. Thank God, it came out really good, with no mayor problems in the practical.

My pain aux raisins  and my Grosse Brioches

my Brioche Nantes

Don't they look good!!! Next time I would definitively do it in the mixer, but I can absolutely get used to this homemade bread, is just awesome!!!

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