Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am such a bad blogger, I know

I really want to apologize since I know I haven't been wrtitting like I used to, but luckily I have been founding myself busy with work, school, and spending some time with friends.

I am almost out of school (I will post on what I have been doing) just had my last practical and demo yesterday. And now I am in the process of getting ready for my final on Friday.

We had our written test a couple of weeks ago. I had a hard time studying since one of the parts was to memorize the ingredients lists for 6 recipes, which to me is totally useless. I do not see the point in this and had a hard time memorizing them since I didn't see the point in doing it. The day before the exam after writting them for don't know how many times I managed to memorize them completelly. I studied the theory notes we had (types of mil, cream, butter and sugar), and managed to memorized the terms in the glossary. When I took th etest I was so mad they didn't ask almost anything of what they had told us to study. They asked generql stuff and qbout recipes and things the chefs might have mentioned in class (luckily I knew most of it). One of the things that really got me upset is they asked us stuff from recipes we never made in prqctical like what are the ingredients to make macarons, I mean yes the chef made them in class but is very hard to remeber what goes into something you have never made. Yesterday we got our grades, and dispite the feeling I had after the test I am happy to report I got 92 in the written exam, and 100 in the ingredients list memorization, which by the way I got the easiest recipe of the list.

I have mixed emotions about finishing basic. I am so happy because of all that I have learned, I absolutelly love going to school everyday, but am a bit nostalgic that is almost over, I don't want it to be; This time has gone by so fast I don't want it to end.

Anyhow life goes on wether we want to or not, so in th emeqn time I will work on practicing one more time some recipes before my test on Friday.

Wish me all good luck!!

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