Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And We Begin with Fancy Looking Cakes

As we past the bread braking part of Basic, we begin with starting really form the Charlotte aux Poires with more fancy looking cakes. For this demo we had Chef C, which after this demo, if I hadn't admitted it before, there is no going back down, he is my absolute favorite Chef in the school. His demos are absolutely amazing. In practical he is known to be a bit bipolar since if you are doing ok, he is very nice, but if you mess up, he will go all out, yelling, but since I have been doing fine, is all good. His demos are fantastic, he always goes beyond what is required of him, he is always telling us something, or joking to try to get us to understand better.
For this demo, what he did, was because he said is boring to see the chefs do the same cake in the same size several times, he thought he would show us, different options in sizes, since we won't always make the same size cake.
For this demo the chef made the Mogador.

Which is a chocolate cake bottom with raspberry jam in the middle, topped with chocolate mouse, and a very thin layer of the raspberry jam on top.

And for those wondering how the inside looks, well, here's a peak:


The chocolate mousse was a bit too sweet for me, but the raspberry and the chocolate cake, were really good.

Although we did use some new, techniques, and the cake did look a bit challenging, things at the practical went pretty good, with no mayor problems. And regarding how it looks, this is definitively one of my favorites in looks so far.

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