Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Really Do Not Like Chocolate !!!!!

I knew that working with chocolate was not an easy task. We worked with it for our last cake, and because it went fairly well, I was not so afraid of it, until this next cake came along. Getting the chocolate glazing done the right way is sooo horribly difficult!!!
We had Chef C for the demo, and he did wonderfull cakes as always, and showed us a various ways we could decorate our cakes.

The cake for this class was the Alhambra. This is a chocolate-hazelnut bread, imbibed with coffee-rum syrup, chocolate ganache in between the lqyers, and a chocolate glaze, talk about a rich tasting chocolate cake!!


I really liked a lot the bread for the cake, and it was specially with the imbibing syrup, tyhe chocoalte was a bit too rich for me, since chocolate is not my thing, but if it is your thing, you might consider trying this because is good!!!

Chocolate is not easy to work with, but covering the buche we did last time was not so difficult, so I was feeling a bit more confident about glazing this cake. I did the cake with no mayor problem, until it was time to glaze the thing. Ohh boy, was this a tricky task! When I glazed the ends, the glaze didn't completely cover all of them, so when I did the generql glazing it didn't coat all evenly either. I did maybe like " coatings to completelly cover the whole cake thinking it was better. It turned out I did cover the whole cake, and I managed to achieve for the top to look smooth which is not easy, but what I wasn't counting on is because I did so many layers, and the cake underneath was cold, all my chocolate glazed started cracking real bad, all over!!!

You can see the horrible crack running on the side edge
It was just horrible!!!! I didn't know this would happen, but I wouldn't have been happy either with a not completely covered cake, I mean either way the result was not as I like it to be. My marzipan rose I liked, I tried doing it in a slightly different way, and because the rose had to be smaller than the one we did for the Dacquoise since this is a smaller cake, it was a bit more challenging; Either way at least I got that one right. It wasn't a completelly horrible cake, but it really makes me realize, there is no easy work when it comes to chocolate, even if it is just glazing a cake!!!

This was  our last practical before the final exam for Basic, so we all were very excited. I still cannot believe Basic is almost finished, and that we worked our way through all the recipes in the binder we got at the beginning of the session. Oh well, now get ready for the test.

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