Thursday, November 24, 2011

Basic Pastry Graduation

Because not everyone that comes to Cordon Bleu stays for the full three courses to get the Diploma, they have a small ceremony after each course to give out the Cetificates and to say farewell to anyone not coming back.
The ceremony is quite simple, they arrange chairs in the free space outside of the locker areas. I wanted to take pictures, but I was sooo late I barelly was able to get a chair.
My ceremony was for Basic Pastry and Basic Cuisine. They called everyone by name starting with the ones in Cuisine to give out the Diplomas and to take a picture with the Head Chef of Basic Cuisine, and the Head Chef of Basic Pastry.
Then they went on to call the ones for Basic Pastry. I did not get a change to get a picture of me with the chefs yet, but I am currently in the process of obtaining one.

Because this is was the first time after a couple of days since the test, it is the day as well when one finds out who didn't pass the test and therefore failed to get a certificate. It was so beyond comprehension to me how some people did really poorly over the whole course, and somehow managed to pull a descent test and pass, while some that did ok during the course, and happened to fail to test don't get the certificate.
When you get your certificate, you get a Class picture as well which is nice, and you get your grades, which I was not happy about. I mean I am really not happy to see a C- grade in my report card, but considering that the second highest of all was a C, I am not feeling that bad. The thing with chefs here is they are very tough on the grading. They grade us having their work as a standard so no one ever will get 90 or above. 80 to 90 they may get that in a really bad day, but no one in school gets it, since it is considered that if you get a grade like that means you are really good, and you would not need to be here. So the common given high grade will be between 70 to 80 and is very very hard to be close to that 80. Considering this I do not feel that bad about my grade, but I still have a hard time adjusting to how they grade, since this a really really low grade to what I am used to. I am really going to try and do better for the next term to raise my grade as much as possible.
Anyway after the brief ceremony we went to the Demo Room in the first floor to have some hors d'oeuvres and tiny sweet pastries with champagne and orange juice. For me at 9 in the morning it was a bit to early to start drinking so I went with orange juice, and the hors d'oeuvres, were not exactly my favorites. As I could tell they were bought and not very good.
Putting the food aside, it was good to talk with the chefs, and to have a small social to say good bye to those not coming back, and see you later to the rest of us, going in vacation until January.
 Here is a picture of my and one of my favorite chefs, Chef C!!

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