Tuesday, November 1, 2011

House Cake

In school we made the Charlotte aaux Poire, or Pear Charlotte, which is not really a little house cake, but to me it certainly reminds me of one, with the floor the walls, and roof we made for it, hahahaha.
This cake is made of a almond biscuit all around, with a pear mousse inside, and some caramelized pears. We had Chef T for practical, who is such a sweet man. He is a really really good chef, he was Pastry Chef at the famous hotel Le Bristol. He makes everything look so easy, but yet he is always willing to correct you and help you learn the right way to do it in practical. Having him in demo is not so exciting thou, I mean he will give a good class, is just he doesn,t talk that much, or do much more other than what we are requiered to learn. I don't mind him giving the demo, but I am not excited either.
Here is what the chef did in demo:

The big cakes are the ones I was talking about the Charlotte aux Poires

and the other personal size pastries are called Pain de Gens

This is nothing more than old brioche bread, sliced in personal size portions, imbibed with syrup, and with a layer of almond cream.

And of course my personal favorite part of the class, "la d├ęgustation".

I love the whole charlotte presentation, is elegant and pretty, but to my taste, I found that the mousse tasted way too much like alcohol, in fact that was all I could taste. We asked the other french girls if it is supposed to always taste like this, or had it been the chef adding a bit too much of alcohol, and they told us that they had always had it tasting like that. I really did not like that; the recued leftover brioche on the other hand, was soo good, you would never imagine is leftover bread fixed to sell it. It was nice and moist thanks to th eimbibing syrup, and the almonds on top, gave it a nice flavor. I even managed myself to get a whole thing to eat as a very late breakfast afterclass with a hot chocolate from the school vending machines. Talk about a really tasty breakfast, hahahaha.
Since we are in school to learn good french pastry, we of course didn,t do the left over brioche recipe, we did the Charlotte aux Poires.

 It is not as challenging as it might look, the piping wasn't hard, but my mix was a bit runny in the end, so the shape of the balls, or drop like things I did doesn't looked as sharp as they could, other than that it went well. Since I was doing my cake, and I can do whatever I want with it, I di add a lot less alcohol that the one the recipe asked for. When I took it home, I was a bit reluctant to try it, thanks to the bad experience I had with the one at school. After I managed to get other people to try it, and got positive reviews about it, I tried it, but just a spoonfull to check it, I like it. The flavor was good, since I could actuqlly taste other things besides alcohol, hahahaha. I didn't eat much more, but I will definitivelly give it another try as long as I know I made it ;)

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