Monday, November 21, 2011

Test Prep

I have been so anxious about my Final Exam. They gave us at school this list of about 10 recipes that we have to know have to do for the Exam. For the exam they will choose three of this recipes to be done, and the way for you to know which one you get, is by taking a color chip, out of a container, and that will determine which recipe you are to make. Not only you do not know what are you making until the very moment, but you are not allowed to bring in any notes at all. The school will provide you with a ingredients list and thats about it, you will have to know how to make everything from memory. Besides doing this cake in two and a half hours or you get penalized by everyminute you are late, there is a technique part of the test which consisits on making a tart shell, like the one we did for our Tarte aux Pommes. It doesn't have to be cooked or anything, but this is how we will be graded on techniaue for the Basic Course.
Out of the recipes we got, we already know there are some that are very not likely to be given for our test, since we either just made them, or we did them over two classes. On th eother hand we already also know which ones are very likely to be chosen.
Although there is not much space in my apt kitchen to work on, I decided I wanted to practice some of the possible recipes we could get for the test.
 For the technique part I did a Tarte aux Pommes to practice my tart lining.

And I chose two cakes to do, the Gateau Basque and the Saint Honore. The Gateau Basque was sooo difficult to make this time, because I could get the dough to cool down enough, so it was very difficult to work with, besides I didn't find the ring to do it, so I had to do it using my tart ring, making it thinner.

For the Saint Honore my only concern was to not burn myself, like I had done when I did it at school, since it took me almost two months to completely heal from it. To give it a twist I made it in different sizes, and I think for being it a pretty small space, they came out pretty descent.

I also wanted to practice making the moka, since frosting it is very difficult, but I couldn't find the mold to do it, plus it was already hard enough trying to get rid of three cakes, what was I going to do with a fourth cake. So I am praying to God, that I do not get this on my test since I did not practice it.
I am really feeling very anxious about, because I do not know for certqin which cakes are we doing, and that idea that I get the moka for the test, and that I won't be able to make it look like it is supposed to is just torturing me.
I really just want to just  get it done; so good thing we  are the first ones to take the test at 8:30, that way we don't even have time to think about and just get it done. Whish me luck, or like the French say: Merde!!

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