Friday, September 9, 2011

Christian Etienne

The school offers demonstrations each week with guest chefs, and these are optional. You do have to sign up for them since space is limited.

I saw that this week chef Christian Etienne, was going to come; the name sounded familiar, checked that I had no class and signed up.

As the day came, I was beginning to regret having sign up, since I had a practical at 8:30 in the morning, then I had a theory class at 12:30 and the guest chef at 4, which meant very long time in school. I stayed put thinking, to just attend to see what was all about, and if I din't like I would just not sign up for any others.

Well, I am so glad I stayed, I had the best food, I have ever eaten. Cristian Etienne is a chef based in Avignon, France where his Restaurant "Christian Etienne" is located. His restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star, and his food, is created around his two specialties: truffles and tomatoes. For this demonstration, the main ingredient was tomato.

He brought his pastry chef to make a tomato based dessert as well, which I followed to get the recipe since I didn't really care of the cuisine section, and figure I wouldn't be all that interested in learning how to make any of what he did. Once all the food was finished I regretted my choice, since the dessert wasn't that go, and the food just smell wonderful.

To my good luck, they fed us all samples of what was made, and let me tell you I have never had any food this good. The entree which was: Roasted and warm cod on a black olive jell, condiments and cherry tomatoes filled with aiolo sauce. This has thing that I don't like like black olives, capers, gherkins, and it was fish which I am very reluctant to try in any other preparation, rather than my typical grilled garlic butter recipe. As I got the plate, I was a bit reluctant to try it, so with my fork, I tipped the end on the sauce and gave it a try. My next move was to leave the fork, and reached for my spoon, to be able to get every single thing on that plate, and I did.

The main dish was squab supreme in a rosemary crust on a bed of "a gratin" forcemeat. After knowing how good the entree was, I was looking forward to this one. As we get the sample plate, I take a loo, and saw that the meet looked a bit under cooked, and again I was a bit reluctant to try it, but once I did, it was awesome. It was perfect, I don't even know what was in it, if I usually would eat it or not, but the sauce around the meat, the tomato, everything was perfect.

Dessert came and I was ready for it. Disappointingly 2 out of the 7 components were not so good, it would've tasted better with out them, but once those two where gone, the dessert was pretty good too, I must admit.

After the fabulous food we ate, I totally forgot about my bad practical in the morning, the whole 10 hours I had been in school, it was more than worth it.

Chef Christian Etienne and me
I am definitively signing up for every guest chef that comes form now on, I can't even imagine what delicious food I might find.

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