Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Palais de l'Elysee

Ok, so I am finally going to put my last post regarding the Patrimony Days. On Sunday I went to the Palais de l'Elysee, which is the President's House here in France, and is only open once a year, so there was no question I HAD TO go.
So there I go Sunday morning. The place was to be open at 8:30, so I got there by 7:45 thinking I should find many people. Ohhhh boy!!!! Was I wrong about that. There was a line going all the way from the President's House to the Place de la Concorde, which might be only one block, but is a really looooong block. Anyway I get in line thinking I have about a hour before they open, maybe another hour for me to go in, I will wait 2 hours tops, not so bad. So I get my book out, and start reading, as we waited, and move forward once in a while. By the time we are a bit over half the line form when I got there I checked my watch, and realized I had been in line for 3 hours already!!!!! What??!!!! I could believe that. Then I figured I have been in line for 3 hours already, there is no point in leaving now, I didn't waste three hours here for nothing, so I waited. To make matters worse, this day was the coldest Paris has been since I got here, and besides that after being so many hours just standing there, I was freezing cold!!!
I had to wait 4 1/2 hours!!!!! Before I could actually go inside the fence.

I was cold, and not very happy after waiting for sooo long!!
Finally I got inside!!! Sadly only to find myself still in line for about one more hour.


It was after 1 pm when I finally made it inside the actual building:

Salon d'argent:


Salon a manger Paulin

Ceiling Detail




Salon des Aides de Camp

Salon des Ambassadeurs


Salon des Portraits


Salon Dore - President's Office

Vestubule d'honneur:

Even though it wasn't the last place to visit in the house I left it for the end, because I think is the most beautiful room in the house, and the set up is very impressive. La Salle des fetes:





It was very impressive, to see how beautiful they set up the room, and while we where waiting on the garden, they were showing a video on how they set up this tables, such as that everything has to be aligned, and spaced exactly right, and center, so everything is symmetrical and in the perfect location.

I really like getting to know the President's House, I will not do the whole waiting for hours thing, buy I am glad I did!!

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