Friday, September 9, 2011

Not so Good Either

Today I was reminded why I am at school since I just did my third practical and it wasn't all that perfect.

Let me begin by saying I love being here, I love going to classes, I love coming to bake, getting into the uniform, and being able to do all this recipes I had never done before.

We had the demonstration for Demo 03 and everything look pretty straight forward, but we needed to pay attention since this time we were going to do 2 out of the 3 things the chef was going to do. The chef did without any problems the "Madeleines", which came out perfect, the "Cake aux Fruits", and the "Week-End" (a lemon pound cake).


The Weekend which is a lemon pound cake, with a lemon glaze (It was really good)

 The Cake aux Fruits (a regular Fruit Cake, this one was just ok, not in my favorites list)

And the Madeleines, a perfect madeleine is raised on the back, like in the picture and it is called "le tete" they should look like little boats. Thses were very good too.

And this is what I got for "la degustacion" to check out what the chef made, and yes I ate it ALL!!

Today at 8:30 we had to make the madeleines and the fruits cakes at practical. I was feeling not overly confident, but a bit confident since I had been doing good.
As I start, I do what I always do, I measure all my ingredients, and get to work, well for some reason I was getting behind. We started with the madeleines batter, since it had to cool down while we made the cake aux fruits and get it to bake since it took much longer to cook.
We he had to share eggs since we only needed 1 1/2, well I think I got a bit too little of the egg share, and even though my gut told me I needed more, I did nothing, and just used what I was given.
Still a bit behind, I was on the last half to finish my cakes and put them in the oven, no problem with those either.  By this time everyone was already beginning to bake their madeleines, and was was barelly going to get the batter out of the fridge.
In the end, I did finish "on time", but my madeleins didn't come out right. The flavor was good, but they didn't rise as they were supposed too. The chef told me it could be that my butter was too hot, (which could be since I was rushing, and maybe didn't let it cool down enough), or I worked to much the eggs. I didn't not work too much the eggs, but I really thing I had to little egg.

My not so good looking Madeleines:

My very nice, Cake aux Fruits

We had Chef J which is a rather young chef, but full of knowledge, and when he gives his demos, he is always on top of things, he talks clear and slow, so that even I understand almost all he says and gives lots of info. On practical on the other hand, he was kind of rushing us, as we were doing things, setting the pace by the students that where finished first. I know we are supposed to work fast than we would normally do at home, but some people are just faster than other ones, or they might not be cleaning that good their areas as they go, like I do setting me behind a bit. And also he is so organized, that I feel like he as he watches us, he can see every tiny mistake we are making, or how would he do it better.

In the end, I felt a bit down, since my madeleines didn't rise, but decided to not let it get to me, and I will go buy medeleine molds, so I can practice them at home until I get them right!!

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