Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orientation Day

Wow, today was such a loooong day!!!
We started at 9:30 and for over 3 hours we received a massive amount of information. Thanks to internet I had found information about this day, and even though I already knew some of the things said, is was very tiring hearing them in French, trying to see if I could figure it out (which surprisingly for the most part I got the idea of what was being said). I wanted to take pics to show you all about it, but there were so many things going on, that I will take them in the following days.

This morning was just the pastry group, later in the afternoon the cuisine student had their orientation. I would say that at least half of the students are from Asia (it can very easily be more than half, I will confirm later). After them there are a lot of people form the states, few from European countries, and 3 form Latin America (including me, we are 2 form Mexico).
Most people look like they are in their mid-twenties. I am one of the old ones, I even got a person to freak out when I said I was 28. I am hoping it was because I look younger and he couldn’t believe my age, rather than he freaked out that I am sooo old. Let’s all hope is the first option!!

We were given our much coveted schedules, to start eyeing a few possible long weekends, a folder with the rules, which were emphasized a lot, our knives sets, and our uniforms. The uniforms are man tailored, so they fit weird on all the female students. We are all wearing our pants, way higher up than our waist, and the jackets, at least for me was a bit large on the shoulders, but fit perfectly at my hips, so to summarize: not figure flattering at all.

I, of course, did take pics of my new toys. Even though I don’t think I will be using many of the knifes in class, I can always use them at home, being very careful, since we were told that they are very sharp, and that most likely there will be a great number of students cutting themselves in the first few weeks (I am hoping I am not one of them).
After we were done with school around 1 pm, I took my pants to be hemmed (which were long on most of the students), then I ran to get my schedule to where hopefully I will be working (at a tour agency), then ran back to the apt. It was 5 o’clock before I could sit down. Of course as soon as this happened, I took everything out, to label it at take pictures so I could show you what I got.




Mostly things of our kit are engraved with the school's logo, and we are also given a small lock for our kit to be used when we take it out of the school. The reason being not only to protect our valuable utensils, but also to prevent any undesired person to get a hold of the very sharp and pointy knives in very public places, such as the metro. Which I would  want to be there if it ever happens, so lets just hope all follow this, and keep the kit locked once out of the school.


I also got my uniform, which of course I immediately also trying on so I could show you as well, and by now I am exhausted.

Tomorrow I have my first demo at 8:30 am, which I think will be more of a class introduction, and the first actual class will be Saturday if I am not mistaken.
Well I have to go, since I want to be in class real early tomorrow, to try and get a nice seat in the classroom. I know I am such a geek, but I really don’t want to get stuck behind a column and not be able to see anything. I will keep you posted.

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