Monday, September 19, 2011

Musee de Rodin

Here in France, all museums are free for students, or European residents under the age of 26. Sadly once you are over 26 it doesn't matter if you are a student or not you don't even get discounts to museum entrances. Since I am a student taking very good care of my money and over 26, I cannot afford to just go visit all the museums any day paying the full price for the entrance, I only have one option, which is to wait for the first Sunday of each month, when all national museums are free for everyone.

This past first Sunday of September, I had forgotten it was a free entrance museum day, and I remembered at around non, which cut me off the opportunity to get real early to any mayor museum trying to beat the masses. Therefore I chose a less popular but real nice museum to visit: Musee Rodin.

As its name states is the Museum of famous sculptor Auguste Rodin in what was his house and studio. Since I think I cannot successfully describe all his work, this post will be more of a photo post of what I saw at the museum.

Right behind the entrance, this is the actual studio/museum


There are two parts to this museum, the sculptures outside spread in the surrounding garden, and the ones inside the studio/museum.
I started with the ones outside (I will not be posting all, since it would be very long, this is just to show what can you see in the museum).

The Gates of Hell

The Three Shades
As you get to the back side of the studio you will find a fountain which makes for a pretty sight.


"Ugolin" sculpture in the middle of the fountain
It then started rainning, so I ran inside to see the inside of the museum. Here are some pictures of what's inside.

Young Girl with Roses in Hat
Young woman and Child

Rodin's Signature

The Kiss

Painting of Rodin in his Studio

The Tower of Labor

The American Athlete

Lover's Hands
And once outside again, one of his most famous sculptures.

The Thinker

Now, just time to wait for next month's first Sunday, to see where i can go.

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