Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Checking Things Out

Well, after crying most of my evening, talking to my boyfriend, as I woke up, Sunday morning I decided not to saty in and cry, so I got up, and went to the Alliance Francaise. I figured it would be good to know how much time it took me to get there walking in order to get there tomorrow to start my french classes. So I did, and I got there, and as I was checking my pocket map (which the girl that rents me the room, so kindly let me use during me stay here), I realized the Jardin du Luxemburg is just 2 blocks away. So of course I went, and it is soo nice.


Since it was Sunday morning, it was full of people just reading, walking, exercising, just hanging out, having a good time. I had seen this garden in a TV show, but didn't realize how big, and pretty it is, until I got there. I sat in front of the lake (to me not exactly a lake, but that is how its called). and just chilled for a bit. It was quite nice to just sit down and look at the kids, play with their boats, and see people just relax.

While I was sitting down, I started looking that the Eiffel Tower was close by, so I got on my way, and went to take a look. It turns out is just about a 10 minute walk form my apt.

Time to go sleep, and be ready for classes tomorrow.

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