Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Third Week in Paris

As I almost reach the half of my third week in Paris, I gladly have nothing major to report.

I say this as the usual routine with me as I settle in a new place, (which I came to notice as I moved constantly for the first 2 years at work), would be me being fine the first week, but as the second week came in, so all my homesickness, and the willingness to be with if not all at least some loved, and familiar faces (specially as you would imagine my boyfriend). By the third week in a new place, I was usually in the middle of a huge depression, crying every single day, calling my boyfriend and crying my way to tell him how I was in what felt as the most horrible loneliness and misery, as well as thinking of ways to get to go back to where my boyfriend was. Somehow, one way or another I have always stayed in those new places, and got used to them, so that when the time came to leave them, it was hard to leave them behind.

As this routine had been pretty constant I was already expecting that being my first weeks in Paris wasn't going to be any different, but as the days keep coming my usual sadness never came. I still feel weird about not being sadden like I would usually feel, but I am definitely not complaining.

I really don't know why this time all is different. I still do miss my boyfriend, and the ability to just have loved ones a reasonable distance away, rather than a whole ocean, but I am feeling pretty at ease with the whole being alone in a foreign country (or continent for that matter).

Even though I haven't been so long in Paris, it really feels like I have been more than just over two weeks. I already got myself familiarized with how the city its structured, and how each zone has its distinctive things to them. The metro is pretty easy to use, which I have barely used since most things are within walking distance. It might not be a short walk, but still manageable.

The weather, is just nice, is kind of cool in the mornings, but by noon is nice and warm without it being extremely hot. To be out in the sun from around 2-5 pm is definitively a good idea, so I try to avoid it as much as possible, unless I am in the middle of one of my walks of getting to know Paris.

I have yet to try any delicious bread of pastry form Paris. This has been really hard, since I have dreamed about coming to Paris to eat all the yummy food this city has to offer. The reason I have been basically taping my mouth shut is because it took a lot of self-control to basically eat no bread, pasta, sugar, buttery, or greasy food in the last 7 months to lose weight, and I don't want to go all overboard in my first month here. I am trying to control myself until I can't help it anymore, which will be once school starts, since I HAVE TO sample all the things chefs make, to make sure I know how things are supposed to taste, and develop a palate. Since I cannot disobey that very important part of pastry school ;), I will keep restraining myself from buying all those buttery croissants, or crispy baguettes from all the boulangeries I keep finding at almost every other corner.

I am already getting excited since by the end of next week I start school by attending the orientation. In the mean time I am trying to keep as focused as possible, to learn as much French as I can before school starts.

Anyway, lets see what the rest of this week brings.

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