Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marche Saxe-Bruteuil

I have heard a lot of comments about the markets here in Paris. I was told recently about this website in which I could find all the markets in Paris, along with their schedules, so I was very excited to go to one, to check them out.

Today I went to the Saxe-Bruteuil market, which is fairly close to where I live form the markets shown to be open on Saturdays. Well, it might've been that this one was a small market and there are some bigger ones out there that I have yet to discover, but I wasn't impressed by it.

I have seen way bigger, and better markets in Mexico City, there is way more things to see, and a lot more variety. There are some products in this market that being local they would be hard to find in the mexican markets, but just the same way you won't be able to find some of the things they have over there here.

One thing that is very different form the markets in Mexico than the ones here, is the people, they are a loooot better looking here. I cannot say they all are very good looking, but definetively better looking that the ones selling at my local markets in Mexico, hahaha. And good looking people is not limited to the markets, on my way to the market, I passed through a "poissonnerie" (fish shop) just 2 blocks down my apt, and saw some very (very) handsome guys working there, I was shocked. I think I am going to start eating more fish form now on, hahaha :)

Anyway, going back to the market, as I got there I was kind of excited to see what I could find, and to find my vegetables at better prices. All was fine, until I was walking past the first couple of stands, and I realized I would have to speak french (kind of obvious, but somehow my brain had forgotten that little part). Well I was so nervous I walked around the market twice, just looking around before I had the courage to actually go and try to buy anything. By the third time I was going around, I had already thought of a few phrases, on how I was going to buy stuff. The people selling are very friendly, and some of them when they saw me struggling a bit with my french started to talk to me in english, which is the other difference I found among the people in mexican markets. I really don't think I would find to many people in there who would be able to talk in english.Taking pictures here was a lot easier, specially after I asked for permission and explained I was form Mexico, everyone told me it was fine.

One of the meat stands in teh market

Different kinds of nuts

Some really nice looking potatoes being cooked

Some real nice smelling roasted chicked and pork loins
 At the end of the day I was able to get myself some fruits, vegetables and chicken so I could eat for a few days. And I am happy to confirm that even though this one was a small market, it is worth going to one, rather than going to the supermarkets. Most of the stuff, if not all, is cheaper, people are much more nicer, and very helpful, and I really got to practice my french (specially numbers), when I was told how much I needed to pay.

I am looking forward to visiting some other ones, to see if I can find one that compares to the ones we have in Mexico.

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