Friday, August 19, 2011

Le Grande Epicerie

Today I finaly got my bank account, which according to what I have heard once you have a bank account you can officially call yourself a resident of Paris/France. Therefore, I can officially say that I live in Paris!!!

After the good 2 hours it took to me to get my bank account opened (I might've taken less time, if it wasn't from all the talking with account executive, a really nice man from Spain).

Anyway once I was out of the bank, I decided to just talk a walk around the area, and I have no idea how it happened (I am starting to believe I have a special radar or something), but I ended at Le Bon Marche.

Le Bon Marche is the oldest department store in Paris and one of the most elegant, which I realized once I was inside. Since I am not the kind of person to buy real expensive clothing, I took a tour and found the kitchen department, and it has soooo many things I wanted to buy, but I kept my money in my wallet. The main reason for me to do this was becasue I already know there are way bigger, and better stores to buy kitchen supplies, and I have yet to find my way to them.

The one real nice thing about Le Bon Marche aside from their real nice kitchen department is their food department. It has its own name, and is widely known by it, which I had heard, but didn't really know where it was until now. This "store" is called Le Grande Epicerie.

This is one of the best food stores I have ever been to, and trust me, when someone says food store, I really make my way to find it, where ever I am at. It has sooo many things to look at, the diversity of the products, and the options you have. Although taking pictures is not allowed, I asked anyway, and was able to take just some pictures. Trust me, these pictures don't do justice to all the array of foods you can find in there. There are sections deboted to countries, and even though I didn't find a Mexico section, I did find some mexican products. There is a US section, and was surprised to see most of it was sweet food, but was glad to see some familiar products.

The cheese section, looked and smelled sooo good, I definetivelly have to go and try some. I will let you know later how this goes.

This is one of the mexican products I found, and also thought of it to be pretty interesting is agave syrop, which I think I am going to try, just to see what it is like.

This picture is of a whole section deboted to just different types of sugar. I once heard in a movie, that proper french ladies, do not offer regular sugar when visiting at their house for coffee or tea. The proper thing to offer is sugar cubes, well I have to say I found the neatest thing, there are this boxes with sugar figures (forget about just plain boring cubes), so proper french ladies can offer them at their houses, and not only do they come in regular suder, but also in brown or cane sugar, talk about variety.

Some of the many other things I found in the store, is that they have this section devoted to tea, but not the kind of tea that comes in boxes with individual baggies, but the one you have to use those tea infusers, or filter type bags, and they have some pretty expensive earl grey teas you can purchase there. They also have a huge cold meats section, gourmet fish, a really nice wine section, I mean I could drop some euros here too, no problem, hahaha.

As I start school in a couple of weeks, I will be visiting more often, just to see what I can find, and guess what? Again, this store too is close to my apt, and if I decide to take the metro, the stop for Bon Marche is in the same line form the one my closest metro stop is, so I don't even have to change lines. I am definetively taking this as a sign, hahaha.

So as I find my way through all this nice stores, all of you who for the past year have been asking what I want for my birthday or Christmas, and I said save the money for when I am in Paris and be in need of something, well the moment has come. I can start taking your money now, since I am already in my way of finding me some great buys, hahaha. I can only imagine, all that there is to come.

In the mean time, while you start sending some euros my way, I will keep touring around, to see what other findings come my way. Thanks in advance!!!

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