Tuesday, August 9, 2011

French Class #1

I got up this morning at 3 am, and no matter what I did, I couldn't go back to sleep. I stayed in the dark, I read my book, went back in the dark again, and nothing. So it is safe to say I was ready on time to go to my class. I got tho the Alliance earlier, to go pick up my ID card, as well as to be assigned a group, and buy the textbooks.

I got my thing and went to class, not even 15 minutes pass and I realize, this is "tres dificile" for me, so at the earliest chance I talk to the teacher about being changed. I went back to the reception, and they sent me to the testing classroom to talk to one of the teachers there. I got my class changed, and by the time I bought the books, the 2nd hour is gone. I finally made it to class, and as they go over the material I am thinking, "All right, this is much better, I already know all this", but at the end of the class the teacher tells me that they sent me to the wrong room. That this is to easy of a class for me. By the time I finally manage to go to my right room, everyone is gone, and I am left without being sure what to expect.

Will this be the right class for me? All the french I had learn is gone, and I know words, but I would rather go back and start with a good understanding and make the most of it, than stay in a class where I will only learn half or less of what is being taught.

Oh well I guess I will see how it goes tomorrow. I hope I can get a full night sleep tonight!

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