Sunday, August 14, 2011

St. Sulpice

Today I had planned to go to Notre Dame, and explore that area, but I wasn't feeling so energetic, to walk all the way there. I was already on my way, and was about to go back home cause I was feeling tired, but I decided to just go to St. Sulpice which was half way of my original planned walk, real close to the Jardin du Luxembourg, and the Alliance Fracaise. At the end of the day I ended up talking a loooong walk, but it was nice, because it is kind of long I am diving this in two post instead of having a very long and boring one.

Well I started at the church of St-Sulpice because I remeber it appears on the Da Vinci Code Movie. Once there I totally forgot to look, for the shots from the movie, I guess I will have to go back.

This church has many things to look at, it is very pretty. First right outside there is a fountain with four sides each looking to one of the cardinal points, I really liked the detailed work on the lions on the fountain.

Once inside, there are 3 mural by the famous painter Delacroix, I only identified 2:

Jacob fighting with the Angel

Heliodoro expelled from the temple

There also was this pretty chaire or pulpit on the side, and a statue of St. John the Baptiste

 A real nice stained glass windows, the little chapel to the virgin, and the organ on the top, and behind of the church (right on top of the entrance).

 I am not a catholic, therefore don't adore saints, but I have been very impressed, by all the images in the churches here, I mean they are very pretty and it must've taken very hard work to accomplish them.

They were offering what looked to be real nice brochures that explained everything about the church, and when I went and try to get them they costed 10 euros, so I obviously didn't buy it, but good thing I have all my nice pictures I took for free, hahaha.

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