Thursday, August 18, 2011


During the weekend I also took a walk through a close by zone called Montparnasse. This zone really has not much interesting to see. I am not even posting any pictures, since there wasn't really anything worth the pics. There is a popular cementery, but it looked pretty similar to the one my grandparents are buried in Mexico City, so nothing really impressive. I mean it is pretty, but nothing I haven't seen before.

The only nice thing in this area is the tower of Montparnasse. This tower is nothing more than a huge skyscrapper, the second tallest building in Paris after the Eiffel tower. The building has nothing in particular, except once you go up; at the top of teh building you have a view of all Paris including the Eiffel tower, which makes the picture worth it, since if you go up the Eiffel tower you do get the view of Paris but without the Eiffel tower. I mean if I want a view of Paris I want the Eiffel tower to be in the picture, so if you think like me the tower of Montparnasse is the place to go. I have yet to go up, but once I do I will post the picture.

Now, I most admit this walk led me to one very important discovery, at the lower levels of the tower I found a mall which includes Galleries Lafayette. Which is one of the most important and big department stores you will find in Paris, I mean this is not the main store, but I was sure glad to find a mall close to my apartment.

I guess I will have to sacrifice myself and check it out, so I can tell you if there are any good findings there, hahaha.

I'll keep you posted!!

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