Sunday, August 14, 2011

Les Invalides

Friday since I had no class, I woke up late, and very calmly got ready to head out. I ususally like to stay in the house, and rest all day long, just watching some TV, movies, just doing nothing really at all, but just rest. Since I am in Paris, I am really going against my nature, and everyday day that I don't have class I am really going to try and go somewhere, I mean there are a lot of thing to see, that I have to try and see them. I am taking easy, going one thing at a time.

I decided, to go to the Hotel de Invalides, which was the first military hospital. It now has two museums, the Musee de l'Armee which is of military history, and tons of weapons, and the Musee des Plans-Reliefs, which has scale models of military buildings, and how this where made. I didn't go in the museums, since as before I will wait for someone to come see it with me, besides there where lots of tourist. To anyone out there thinking about coming to Paris, really you should avoid August, there are to many people to really be able to see any interesting place.

In there there is also the church St-Louis-des-Invalides which is the one for the soldiers in the hospital I went inside this one but forgot to take pictures, I will have to go back.

I leave you with some of the pics I took!!

Saturday morning I took a quick walking tour of the main Paris attractions and realized they are all really close among them. I kept thinking they where kind of far of where I live in the 15th district, but no so much. This makes will make it easier for me to really follow what I am trying to do to go somewhere diferrent every day!!

So many things to see, and this time, I do have the time to see them!

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