Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday since I had no french class I woke up with no rush, and with the help of my flatmate, I finally got a phone.

After that I got ready because I had a job interview in the 18eme. Eventhough I am not sure about this job, which if I end up taking I will tell you more about it. The apointment was very far away from my apt, and since I had to buy a bus ticket, I decided, to make my money's worth of the trip, and looked in the map, what was close by, and I realized in was in teh Montmatre area, which is where all the artist are, and Sacre Coeur is. With this in mind, I got ready, and even took my book, so I could follow the little walking tour suggestion.

It was in the afternoon, and it was pretty warm, and wow, it has been a long time since I saw so many tourist together in the same place. I had the best intentions to go inside Sacre Coeur, but after seeing all the people there, I decided, to just walk around, and go back and go in when some of my friends come visit, hoping at least half of the amount of people from yesterday is gone.

Even though one can get a bit tired walking this area of Paris, since you have to go up a lot (either by climbing stairs, or just walking some steep streets), it is really worthy. The views of the city are amazing, and even though I didn't go in, I took some pictures of Sacre Coeur, and is really pretty.

The area is really colorfull, there are a lot of art galleries, with some real nice painting, although some a bit pricy for what I can afford, but I hope I can take at least one when I return back home. It would be a very nice souvenir, which I hope I can buy later. Specially in the down season, when I hope prices might go down a bit. I also somehow found my way to the famous Moulin Rouge, but I have to go back at night so I can take better pictures!

I leave you with some pictures, hope you enjoy them!!!

One of my future houses, hahaha
A sun clock

The last wine vineyard inside Paris

Sacre Cour

A view of Paris from Sacre Cour

Moulin Rouge
Wall decoration at the Moulin Rouge

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